STYC01 Clinical Reflection 21/03/10 @ 9

In this open clinic session, I continued to treat a client from previous weeks to get his left knee fully recovered before varsity. 

Reflective Summary 

Once my client arrived, as part of the subjective assessment, I found out that they had been experiencing clicking of the knee the day before. When I tested range of movement (ROM) there was no pain during knee extension, but a slight dull pain during active flexion. From this I decided on a suitable treatment based on his previous injury (twisted knee) and to alleviate pain during flexion. In previous massages I treated the Quadriceps in order to improve lymphatic drainage where the swelling/bruising had been around the knee. The client gave positive feedback to this treatment as they said that the injury had improved since soft tissue massage had been performed on this area. Therefore, in this session I treated the Quads again by initially using effleurage to create heat and to identify any potential painful areas. I used mostly petrissage so I could get deeper into the muscle tissues. This was achieved by not only using my fingers but my knuckles, palms and forearm as well as it allows me to apply more pressure.

Areas for further improvement 

The first improvement I think I need to make is to ensure I use appropriate towelling techniques so I can access the whole of the Quadriceps muscles. This is because the rectus femoris originates from the AIIS, which is quite high up around the hip area, so I need to be able to move the towel effectively to protect the client’s modesty while being able to access the whole muscle. Another slight improvement that needs to be adjusted is making sure I always remember to adjust the bed height before beginning the treatment. This is important to do so my back is protected and it can allow me to apply as much pressure that is needed. The finally improvement that I need to do, as part of the objective assessment is to test ROM of all movements possible at the particular joint. As an example, I only tested flexion and extension of the knee joint but I should have tested internal and external rotation as well.

Things to remember:

  1. When massaging the Quadriceps ensure a bolster is put underneath the knee joint
  2. Ensure you have plenty of towels in order to protect the client’s modesty
  3. Do not be afraid to reveal the whole area of the muscle even if it is awkward to access










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