BUCs Placement – 30th October 2019 for 4.5 hours

My role within the first and second team BUCs basketball game, was to be the first aider. Therefore, if an incidence did occur I was able to apply the appropriate knowledge when called on as the first responder to injures.

Reflective Summary 

Once I arrived at the game, the players had already begun the warm up in order to elevate the heartrate and ensure muscle temperature was at optimum working state. During this period, it would also be the time to do pre-event massage, stretching and taping however no one required treatment. Before the game began the lecture reminded us of the considerations for an emergency action plan. Me and the fellow sports therapists then agreed on a plan so if action had to be taken it could be done efficiently and in the least amount of time. In the first game, which was the second team playing, the only treatment that I had to do was stretch out the gastrocnemius, as a player was experiencing cramp in this region. I conducted this by instructing the participant to lie on their back, extend the knee and flex the hip, in order to allow for a straight leg raise. I then applied dorsiflexion to the foot and passively applied a force towards them to stretch out the muscle. Shortly after this, the game had finished and it was now time for the first team to play. As they started straight after the seconds game there was no time for us to apply pre-event treatment. In both games no first aid required.

Areas for further improvement 

My first area for improvement would be to research/consider the acronym RAMP (raise, activate, mobilise, potentiate) when composing a warm up. We were asked to learn a specific warm up, however it did not follow RAMP. It is important to use as it is the most scientifically proven warm up to prepare the body for competition and it can prevent injury occurring to the players. Another consideration is that I need to make myself aware of what is in the physio’s bag and how to use it/ how it works. This is vital so that if treatment is required it can be done efficiently and effectively. Finally, I need to practice and perfect both rigid and kinesiology taping so that when it is applied it has the correct mechanism.

Things to Remember:

  1. Always wear gloves while on pitch side in case there is a blood injury (it is sometimes good to wear two pairs, as blood injuries may happen consecutively)
  2. Set up an emergency action plan with the colleagues you are working with as the emergency action plans can vary depending on who you are working with
  3. Consider the acronym RAMP when composing a warm up
  4. Check with the umpire/referee when it is suitable for you to come onto the court if a player requires treatment
  5. If a towel is needed you can get one from the clinic, as it is up to the home team to supply it 



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