Summer Session – 15th July 2020 for 1 hour

On the 15th July I had access to a virtual session which was presented by Gareth Bate who is a Sports Therapy lecturer and clinician. He discussed ‘an overview of clinical practice at elite rugby tournaments’.

Reflective Summary

One of Gareth’s biggest opportunities was working for the Scottish rugby team at the World Cup in 2019. It was interesting to learn the different roles and responsibilities that he had as a qualified Sports therapist; not only did he assess, treat and manage injuries he also acted as a waterbody and a kit assistant which I found intriguing; even working in sport at the highest of levels, responsibilities can vary and may intel what you wouldn’t initially expect.

I also think it was reassuring for the lecturer to discuss some of the ‘unique challenges’ that they faced during their time in Japan. This included weather, tour duration and ensuring they maintained high clinical standards. This helped clarify that every environment brings challenges but knowing how to solve the problems efficiently and effectively is key.

Finally, he discussed lessons that he has learnt along the way. It is important for us to be advocates for Sports Therapy as we have a lot to offer outside of our own clinical practice. Moreover, it was reassuring to hear that previous jobs who advertised for a physiotherapist now prefer a sports therapist so job are available in this sector.

Things to Remember:

  1. Big opportunities tend to stem from smaller experiences
  2. Players may prefer to tape themselves, especially if this is something they are used to doing
  3. Say yes more
  4. A lot can be achieved without completing a masters or PhD so develop your skills first
  5. Develop contacts now





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