Marjon Clinic – 23rd September 2020 for 2.5 hours

During this session we discussed the key ethical considerations when treating and rehabilitating a client within the Marjon Sport and Health Clinic. This included many different topics such as data protection, consent and record keeping.

Reflective Summary

The clinic team has chosen to follow a flow chart created by the British Association of Sports Rehabilitators (BASRat) which we need to become familiar with when treating patients. This made me feel safer as a virtual triage process is now essential before clients can enter the clinic, in order to reduce exposer time between us and the patient. Despite this, I am apprehensive about working with clients virtually, as it may be harder to communicate effectively. The lack of visual cues and inability to examine the patient are key disadvantages (Van Galen & Carr, 2018).

Before I begin managing clients within a clinical setting, I need to revise key pathologies at each joint, including the signs and symptoms, in order to prescribe the correct rehabilitation exercises to a client. Recently, I was reading example reflective logs and discovered a website which will be invaluable to my learning, as it will help me to create a resource containing a variety of exercises for different pathologies, that can not only be useful for me but the client as well. Despite this, It is important to remind myself that rehabilitation programmes needs to be personalised. This is to ensure we take into account the individual patients clinical, functional, environment and social factors (Ambrosino & Clini, 2015).

Things to Remember

  1. If consent is gained verbally, this must be documented
  2. On cliniko, ensure you lock the notes once you are finished
  3. Personal protective Equipment (PPE) needs to be disposed of correctly
  4. If amendments are made to notes, such as adding in a recent MRI scan it needs to be timed, dated and signed


Ambrosino, N. & Clini, E. M. (2015) Response to pulmonary rehabilitation: toward personalised programmes? European Respiratory Journal, 46(6), 1538-40.

van Galen, L. S., & Car, J. (2018). Telephone consultations. British Medical Journal, 360(1), 1047.




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