Marjon Clinic – 15th January 2020 for 1 hour

This week, I took the opportunity to email previous clients to find out how they had been getting on with their rehabilitation programmes.

Reflective Summary

As we are unable to go back to clinic, due to a national lockdown, it is important to utilise other methods virtually, so that we can continue to stay in contact with clients, even though they are unable to come to clinic for face to face appointments. I started by emailing clients that had bookings scheduled with me, to see how they were getting on with the exercises prescribed. It is important to engage, even via an email as it may motivate or remind the client to complete the rehabilitation programme. If any of them extra needed help, I was happy to offer an online consultation to discuss the management plan further.

I was delighted to hear that all my clients felt that they had improved and were now able to complete functional activities pain free. This helped to increase my confidence further as I now believe that I have the knowledge to appropriately manage a variety of clients.

Areas for Improvement Action Plan
To ensure I send regular emails to all clients Check in on clients that I am currently working with every 2 weeks
Check to see if they are finding the exercises challenging enough Ask a direct question about whether they think the exercises need progressing or regressing

Closing the Loop

Since writing this reflection, I regularly send emails to clients to not only support them with their rehabilitation but to check to see how they are getting on generally, especially in these uncertain times. I also include some regressions and progressions for the exercises and explain to the client that the sets and reps are guidance which they can adjust accordingly to ensure they are being challenged.

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