Clinical Placement

Marjon Clinic – 23rd September 2020 for 2.5 hours

During this session we discussed the key ethical considerations when treating and rehabilitating a client within the Marjon Sport and Health Clinic. This included many different topics such as data protection, consent and record keeping.

Marjon Clinic – 29th September 2020 for 2 hoursĀ 

This was our first face to face session with the clinic team, where we had an in depth introduction to Cliniko and discussed the subjective and objective assessment for a case study.

Marjon Clinic – 6th October 2020 for 4 hours

This was my first session in clinic working with members of the public who require treatment, rehabilitation and management.

Marjon Clinic – 13th October for 5 hoursĀ 

During this session, I had an online appointment with a new client who was complaining of hip pain and a previous patient who came in for a face to face appointment for a full objective assessment.