Exercise Prescription Videos

Confirmation of Placement Hours

Exercise Prescription Videos – 27th January 2021 for 1 hour

This piece of work is a new placement that I have just begun, where the end goal is to have produced a variety of videos that can be shared with clients who receive treatment at the commercial clinic. This resource will help them to understand how to do specific exercises that are prescribed to them.

Exercise Prescription Videos – 13th February 2021 for 3 hours

Within these hours, I edited five different exercise videos. For each of the exercises I critically considered the coaching points, so that clients would be able to understand them.

Exercise Prescription Videos – 21st February 2021 for 4 hours

Within these four hours I edited eight more videos. While editing the videos, I considered what I could use each exercise for and in what stage of rehabilitation.

Exercise Prescription Videos – 28th February 2021 for 6 hours

This week, I spent six hours of my time editing videos, in order to achieve more placement hours and to gain a greater understanding of exercise prescription.

Exercise Prescription Videos – 7th March 2021 for 2 hours

Within these two hours, I edited four different videos including weight shifting in standing as well as variations of a scapular press.