Marjon Clinic

Confirmation of 123 hours in Marjon Sport & Health Clinic

Marjon Clinic – 23rd September 2020 for 2.5 hours

During this session we discussed the key ethical considerations when treating and rehabilitating a client within the Marjon Sport and Health Clinic. This included many different topics such as data protection, consent and record keeping.

Marjon Clinic – 29th September 2020 for 2 hours 

This was our first face to face session with the clinic team, where we had an in depth introduction to Cliniko and discussed the subjective and objective assessment for a case study.

Marjon Clinic – 6th October 2020 for 4 hours

This was my first session in clinic working with members of the public who require treatment, rehabilitation and management.

Marjon Clinic – 13th October 2020 for 5 hours 

During this session, I had an online appointment with a new client who was complaining of hip pain and a previous patient who came in for a face to face appointment for a full objective assessment.

Marjon Clinic – 20th October 2020 for 5 hours 

My first appointment was with a previous client who was coming into clinic, so I could perform an objective assessment in order to get a more in depth impression of the problem. For my second client I took them on the isokinetic dynamometer to understand the ratio of quadriceps to hamstring strength.

Marjon Clinic -3rd November 2020 for 5 hours

During my timetabled slot in clinic this week, I treated two different clients; the first patient had a previous disc herniation so subsequent guarding of the lower back muscles and the second patient  we believe to have femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) in the left hip.

Marjon Clinic – 10th November 2020 for 5 hours

During the 5 hours that I was timetabled into clinic, I saw three clients where I utilised many different techniques in order to manage there aches and pains; this included soft tissue massage, rehabilitation exercises, stretching, a high intensity interval session and cycling on the watt bike.

Marjon Clinic – 17th November 2020 for 5 hours

Management of the clients that came into clinic this week was very much exercise based. I incorporated a variety of activities including eccentric strengthening, pelvic floor activation and High Intensity Interval Training (HITT).

Marjon Clinic – 24th November 2020 for 5 hours 

This week I found particularly interesting, as I had a client with possible lumbar facet joint dysfunction and restricted range of motion (ROM) of the priformis. This was my first client with a lower back problem.

Marjon Clinic – 3rd December 2020 for 5 hours

This week I treated a previous client who had seen improvements regarding pain, although I was now unsure on the initial diagnosis after reviewing the subjective and objective assessment.

Marjon Clinic – 8th December 2020 for 5 hours

This was the final clinic session before Christmas, so I ensured that my clients were fully equipped with the appropriate knowledge on how to control and improve their conditions over the next month and further into the future.

Marjon Clinic – 15th January 2020 for 1 hour 

This week, I took the opportunity to email previous clients to find out how they had been getting on with their rehabilitation programmes.

Marjon Clinic – 19th January 2020 for 4 hours

This week, I had two online consultations; one client presented symptoms of a grade one calf strain whereas the clinical impression for the other client was dysfunction of the costovertebral / facet joint at the level of T8/T9.

Marjon Clinic – 2nd & 3rd February 2021 for 4 hours

Within these four hours, I had an online consultation with a previous client to check progress and prescribe exercises for the end stage of rehabilitation, which required research prior to the appointment. I also participated in an exercises prescription seminar with the clinic supervisors.

Marjon Clinic – 9th February 2021 for 4 hours

Within these four hours, I had an online consultation with a client who had lower back pain; this required me to plan the session, lead the appointment and prescribe exercises. I also researched exercises for the early rehabilitation stage of a rotator cuff injury such as a tendinopathy.

Marjon Clinic – 11th February 2021 for 2 hours

In this injury consultation, the client explained to us that they had been experiencing a cramping pain in the hip, that radiated to the quadriceps, hamstrings and heel of the left foot. After a thorough assessment, the clinical impression was that the muscles around the hip were in spasm.

Marjon Clinic – 17th February 2021 for 3 hours 

During these three hours, I composed answers regarding a case study that I has been previously given and then presented my findings to other students in a group seminar.

Marjon Clinic – 9th March 2021 for 3 hours

During the three hours, I completed an injury consultation with a previous client, wrote the notes up after and sent out the relevant information which we discussed in the appointment.

Marjon Clinic – 16th March 2021 for 5 hours

This was my first time back at clinic since December, so I was excited to get back to treating and rehabilitating a range of clients. My first client came in for a face to face appointment with a clinical impression of costovertebral dysfunction. I also had a virtual consultation with another client who was approximately one week post spinal surgery.

Marjon Clinic – 18th March 2021 for 3 hours

During these three hours, I planned and conducted an appointment with a client who was nearly two weeks post lumbar spine surgery.

Marjon Clinic – 23rd March 2021 for 2 hours

Within these hours, I planned appointments for two clients who were due to come into clinic, however these appointments had to be cancelled due to our supervisors having to self isolate. I also helped conduct a virtual session with another student in my year.

Marjon Clinic – 29th March 2021 for 3.5 hours

I spent this time in clinic, helping another student with a client who we initially thought had a lateral meniscus tear and also conducted an appointment with a previous client who presented with costovertebral dysfunction.

Marjon Clinic – 30th March 2021 for 7 hours 

During these seven hours, I conducted appointments with three different clients and completed sufficient notes during and after these appointments. The first client was nearly four weeks post lumbar spine surgery, my second appointment was an initial online consultation and the third client appeared to have non specific ankle pain.

Marjon Clinic – 13th April 2021 for 5 hours

This week, within the five hour timetabled clinical session I saw two different clients and completed the appropriate notes and follow up emails.

Marjon Clinic – 20th April 2021 for 3 hours

Within these three hours, I participated in a face to face running workshop which included the common injuries in this population, clinical assessment and rehabilitation.

Marjon Clinic – 21st April 2021 for 2 hours

Within these two hours I planned and conducted an online consultation with a client who had been experiencing locking and a deep ache in the right knee.

Marjon Clinic – 22nd April 2021 for 4 hours

Within these four hours, I treated two clients face to face in clinic who I had seen previously. Both were making progress so I felt happy that I was able to influence and improve their pain.

Marjon Clinic – 26th April 2021 for 2 hours

I continue to treat and manage a client who is now eight weeks post lumbar spinal surgery. Within this session, I conducted a full shoulder assessment as a previous ultrasound scan relieved that the client has a lot of wear and tear within the joint which could be the reason for pain in and around the shoulder.

Marjon Clinic – 27th April 2021 for 3 hours

Within these hours, I conducted a face to face consultation with a new client and completed the notes and any necessary research after.

Marjon Clinic – 4th May 2021 for 4.5 hours

Within these hours, I had two online consultations and conducted a face to face running assessment.

Marjon Clinic – 5th May 2021 for 2 hours

During this clinical session, I had an appointment with a previous client who is now nine weeks post lumbar fusion surgery. The main aim of this session was to understand why the client is getting an achy pain on the medial side of the right knee that can become a shooting pain down the lateral shin.

Marjon Clinic – 10th May 2021 for 1.5 hours

Within these hours, I continue to make progress with a patient who is now ten week post lumbar spinal surgery. This has allowed my confidence to increase week in week out.

Marjon Clinic – 11th May 2021 for 5 hours

During this clinic session, I conducted a full objective assessment with a client who had a clinical impression of an adductor strain and completed a full clinical assessment for a runner, including a gait analysis on the treadmill.

Marjon Clinic – 12th May 2021 for 1 hour

Within this hour, I had my final client at Marjon Sport & Health Clinic, as I have now completed all of my clinical hours.