NHS Clinics

Student Log of Placement Attendance (hours)

Back Pain Clinic 

Back Pain Clinic – 21st October 2020 for 2.5 hours 

This was my first session as part of a 6 week back pain clinic alongside clinical professionals.

Back Pain Clinic- 28th October 2020 for 2.5 hours

In this session we had a discussion about the use of pedometers (did they help or were they more of a hinderance?), conducted a step test using the Borg scale to assess how hard the patients were working, considered the pain cycle, tried nordic walking and completed stretches that were specific to rotation of the spine.

Back Pain Clinic – 4th November 2020 for 2 hours

This session was very much exercise based so we could begin to understand what type of exercise works for the patients back pain whether this is aerobic fitness, core stability or general muscle strengthening of the rest of the body.

Back Pain Clinic – 11th November 2020 for 2.5 hours

This was the fourth week of the back pain clinic. During the session we focused on resistance training, as the group felt that they lacked knowledge using the equipment associated with this type of training including resistance bands and weighted machines.

Back Pain Clinic – 18th November 2020 for 2.5 hours

This was the penultimate session of the back pain clinic. Today, the focus was on resistance training exercises using free weights, so they can be done at home which is specific to the group.

Back Pain Clinic – 25th November 2020 for 2 hours

This was our final session of the six week back pain clinic. We recapped on what had been covered across the six weeks and whether they felt like they had achieved their goals or were well on the way to completing them.

Healthy Lifestyle Programme 

Healthy Lifestyle Programme – 9th November 2020 for 2 hours

This is the first session I am shadowing as part of a four week lifestyle programme for people that have been referred for living sedentary lifestyles, are overweight or diabetic.

Healthy Lifestyle Programme – 16th November 2020 for 2 hours

During this session, once we had a recap on the groups progress since the last online meeting, the main focus was on nutrition.

Healthy Lifestyle Programme – 23rd November 2020 for 2 hours

This was the third week of the healthy lifestyle programme where the main focus was on sleep and stress and how theses factors link to diabetes.

Healthy Lifestyle Programme – 30th November 2020 for 2 hours

This was the final session as part of the healthy lifestyle programme. We recapped what had been considered in previous weeks including how many hours of physical activity we should be doing per week, nutrition and barriers to exercise. Because I have already discussed these aspects in previous entries, within this reflection I am going to evaluate how music can help motivation with regards to physical activity. This was briefly considered within this session.