Summer Sessions (STYD90)

Confirmation of 32 CPD hours

Summer Sessions (all notes)


Summer Session – 10th June 2020 for 1 hour 

In my first virtual summer session, I got the opportunity to listen to a presentation from Ben Logan who is the lead strength and conditioning coach for the women’s England Rugby 7s team.

Summer Session – 17th June 2020 for 4 hours 

This was the first virtual session that Alex and Mike from Marjon Sport and Health Clinic led. The main topic discussed during the session was the subjective assessment. For our own development we also got given two tasks that needed to completed by the subsequent session so it could be conversed. This included a case study which presented the subjective information and a research task about medication.

Summer Session – 22nd June 2020 for 3 hours 

This session was a motor neuron special where we discussed the role and location of both the upper and lower motor neuron and considered different upper motor neuron lesion (UMNL) pathologies.

Summer Session – 24th June 2020 for 6 hours 

At the beginning of the session we discussed the tasks that were set in the previous week (case study and medication). After this, for the remainder of the seminar we considered the biopsychosocial model in relation to pathology pain relationship. A new task was set at the end of the session where we had to complete tables for the objective assessment of each joint.

Summer Session – 1st July 2020 for 3 hours 

This week we considered the objective assessment for certain segments of the spine including the lumbar, thoracic and cervical. It was interesting to see how parts of the assessments are very similar.

Summer Session – 8th July 2020 for 3 hours 

Nic Perrim who is a lecturer at Plymouth Marjon University presented a session on the common lower limb pathologies including the causes and presentation of these pathologies.

Summer Session – 15th July 2020 for 1 hour

On the 15th July I had access to a virtual session which was presented by Gareth Bate who is a Sports Therapy lecturer and clinician. He discussed ‘an overview of clinical practice at elite rugby tournaments’.

Summer Session – 20th and 27th July 2020 for 6 hours 

This reflection incorporates part 1 and 2 of the military series. In part one the presenter Pete Scott placed us in groups and assigned us with a case study which related to an injury which is common in the military. We then had to go away and design a programme for the end stage of rehab for the case study and present our findings in the next session (part 2).

Summer Session – 22nd July 2020 for 3 hours 

Nic Perrim presented a second session to us which was on the topic of pain. It included the theories of pain, pain mechanisms and how to manage pain.

Summer Session – 5th August 2020 for 2 hours 

In our final virtual summer session, we got given a variety of case studies where we considered exercises for the end stage of rehab. We specifically looked at a jockey with a shoulder dislocation, Bankart lesion and scaphoid fracture, a bin man who had sustained a meniscus tear and a professional NFL player who has a syndesmosis tear and ankle dislocation.