Useful Academic Resources

APA Referencing 

This is an academic resource provided by the University. It gives a step-by-step guide on how to reference and what needs to be included when referencing different sources.

Physio Tutors 

Physio Tutors is a website that has information (mainly videos) on how to carry out musculoskeletal assessments of the main joints (shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, hip, knee, ankle, cervical spine, lumbar spine, thoracic spine and SIJ)


This academic resource is a place where you are able to upload any work whether you have just started it, nearly completed it or if it is finished. Studiosity can then give feedback and advice on structure, referencing, spelling/grammar and choice of language.

Academic Phrasebank

This is a general resource for academic writers. It provides words and phrases that can be incorporated into someones work. It is particularly useful when reporting research work.

Marjon Sport Rehabilitation

This website is a really useful resource as it has been created by two of the lecturers from the School of Sport, Health and Wellbeing (Marjon University). It gives information on a broad range of subjects that are vital when considering sports rehabilitation. This includes basic anatomy, pitch side management, clinical assessments and pathologies. There is also helpful tips on reflective practice and professional skills.


This tool can be freely downloaded and it is a easy-to-use screen recorder. The most helpful feature is that you are able to upload your videos directly to youtube (as long you have a youtube channel) from Screencastify.

Google Scholar

This website provides a simple, easy way to search and access a wide range of literature across many disciplines and sources.


Mendeley is a desktop and web programme that can be used as a reference management tool. It allows you to collect academic sources and gives you the useful information needed, in order to reference correctly.

Marjon ‘Discovery’

This is Marjon Library’s search engine which allows you to look for print and electronic sources within a single search. It allows you to filter the search so you can be specific with what you are looking for.

British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM)

The BJSM provides research, debates and reviews relating to aspects of sport and exercise medicine including sports therapy and rehabilitation. It can also keep you up to date on current issues in the sporting community.

Anatomy Arcade 

This is a website that provides students and professionals within sport and exercise medicine an interactive way to learn/revise and includes anatomy learning tasks.