Portfolios are used as a form of assessment on some courses at Marjon. It is a collection of work and/or evidence used to demonstrate learning and progress. Portfolios can be created in a number of ways: using e-portfolios such as Mahara or digital tools such as Edublogs; or physical portfolios such as scrapbooks and organisers. Portfolios are usually arranged to demonstrate that certain criteria has been met, for example, a skills base or marking criteria. Many things can be included in a portfolio such as essays, certificates, written evaluations, self-reflections, presentation slide etc. The collection should be representative of development over a specified period of time and reflect the learner’s progress accurately. 

Like any other assignment type, it is absolutely essential that you follow the assignment brief when building a portfolio. This will guide you on what you should include and what you should do with this evidence. In many courses, simply submitting a portfolio isn’t enough; you might be asked to write an essay to accompany your portfolio, or include a reflective piece to contextualise your portfolio. If you aren’t sure, consult your module leader for guidance. 

Building Portfolios

The use and structure of portfolios will differ in each discipline. The information below will help you gather ideas on how to create and structure your portfolio. You should always look to assessment guidance for details on what to include. 

Education Portfolios

Teaching Portfolios – DePaul University – good guidelines and examples of teaching portfolios 

Forde, C., McMahon, M. & Reeves, J. (2009). Putting together professional portfolios. (Link to Marjon Library record)

Jones, M. & Shelton, M. (2011). Developing your portfolio: enhancing your learning and showing your stuff. (Link to Marjon Library e-book) 


Portfolio Tips & Tools 

11 Essentials for Excellent Digital Portfolios – Edutopia 

Marjon TELKIT for web tools to help build your portfolio 

Pixabay or Pexels for Royalty free images 

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