Found in the middle of the Quad, Marjon Chaplaincy offers care, time and support to all students. 

If you would like to book an appointment with one of our Chaplains you can email them at or 

The Chaplaincy is staffed by people with lots of experience of supporting people in crisis or with general on-going difficulties. They will normally work alongside other supportive groups (Counselling/Student Support/Student Union/GPs) to give you a space and community in which to hang out, make friends and heal. Sometimes this is with mental health support, including self-harm, anxiety and depression. Sometimes it’s trying to figure out issues of identity or sometimes just to be listened to.

Most students who use the service don’t consider themselves ‘religious’ but others desire prayer and spiritual counsel. The staff at the chaplaincy are all Christians and able to support anyone, however if you would like to speak to an advisor from a different faith tradition, then we can put you in touch too.

Basically, if you’re here, then we’re here for you.

Visit the Chaplaincy webpage, join the Chaplaincy’s Facebook Page or take a look at the Marjon Christian Union Facebook Page