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Library Rules and Regulations

The Library is here to support you throughout your studies, offering books, journals, online resources, study spaces and user education sessions to help you make the most of what we have on offer.

The following usage guidelines cover the essentials in terms of rules & regulations, and by enrolling on your course, you agree to follow them.

Contact us:

Telephone: 01752 761145
Library Website:
Twitter: @marjonlibrary
Facebook: Marjon Library
Instagram: @MarjonLibrary

Contacting the Library

You can email us at or ring us on 01752 761145. Our website is and you can find us on Twitter. Facebook and Instagram as @Marjon Library

Communication from the Library

Our official communication channel is the Library webpage and also the Marjon Hub, and we also post out information on our social media channels. Library correspondence regarding your account is sent to your University email address; if you are a student at a partner institution, we will send emails to your institutional email address.

Library Cards

All members of the institution are entitled to use the Library. A Library card is issued to you at registration and will be needed for the duration of your course. If you lose your Library card you must inform the Library immediately. A charge of £5 will be made for a replacement card, whether damaged or lost. If your card has been stolen, a new card will be issued free of charge on the production of a crime number.

All cards are assigned a default PIN of 1111. We recommend that you change this via the Library Catalogue as soon as you can, to ensure your account is protected. You will need your card to use the self-service machines on the Ground Floor of the Library and it is essential that you present your Library card to borrow items. You are responsible for all items issued on your card and any debts incurred, even if you borrowed on behalf of someone else.  

Library cards are also needed for using our MFD printers & photocopiers, as well as submitting assignments at the Student Administration Office.

Proxy borrowing

You should never allow anyone else to use your card, or lend Library items to anyone else – all items issued on your card are your responsibility, and so are any debts incurred. If you do need to authorise someone else to borrow/collect books, renew your books or pay your fines on your behalf, you must email beforehand, giving written permission for a named person. The authorised person will need to bring some form of ID with them.  

What can you Borrow

The number of items you can take out of the library will depend on which course you are enrolled on. Remember, you are responsible for the items issued on your card – don’t let anyone else use your card and never pass on library books to others.

Students enrolled on Initial Teacher Training courses can borrow an additional 20 Teaching Practice items by using their Teaching Practice (TP) card.

To find out more information about what you can borrow, head to the library pages.

Renewing, Returning & Reserving Books

Do you need your items for a bit longer?

Unless somebody else has put a reservation on the book, you can renew your loans as many times as you need.

There’s lots of ways to renew.

1. You can use the self-service machines on the ground floor of the library. (You will need your card).

2. You can ask the librarian at the Library counter to renew it for you.

3. Contact us. Our details are found at the bottom of this page.

4. Renew online. Our Help Guide will show you how to do this.


Library items returned or renewed after their due date will incur overdue fines. The item’s due date will show on the Self-Service kiosk screen when checking items out of the Library, as well as on the paper receipt provided. Due dates will also show when logging into your online Library account, and can be confirmed by contacting the Library. If for any reason you cannot return the items within their due date, please contact the Library at the earliest instance, as we will be more likely to resolve concerns before fines are applied.

Non-payment of debts means you will lose any entitlement to borrow from the Library until your debt is settled. Fines are accrued daily (apart from Saturday and Sunday), up to a maximum of £20 per item, per renewal. Please note that these accruing fines will not show up on your account until either the item has been renewed or returned to the library. Please see our Help-Guide for more information and examples.

For further information visit the library pages.

Respecting other library users

Library staff monitor the noise levels in the Library on a regular basis. However, we are ultimately dependent on students to respect the rights of others to work in a peaceful environment, and to alert Library staff to any problems. A text alert service is employed to allow students to anonymously alert Library staff to any issues. 

Find out more about respecting other users by visiting the library pages.

Services from other Libraries

InterLibrary Loan service 

Items not stocked by the Library can be obtained from an outside library. Please visit our Inter Library Loan page for full details. Borrowers are governed by the conditions of issue laid down by the lending institution, and these will not be deviated from without prior approval from the institution.

Items not returned on time are subject to charges from the British Library, and all charges are passed onto the borrower. The charge for a lost book is £163.10+VAT, although you may be charged more for expensive items. If the item is subsequently returned, you will be refunded the lost book charge, minus an admin fee of £80.00+VAT.

The Library is bound by the Inter Library Lending procedures, abuse of which can result in the withdrawal of loan facilities to the institution. Any abuse of the system will result in that service being withdrawn from the user concerned. 

Find out more by visiting the library pages.

Library Security

Library gates

The Library operates a security system to ensure that items which have not been issued are not removed from the Library. This helps us to provide an efficient and effective service to all users.  Should the system be activated on your departure from the Library you are asked to co-operate fully with the staff to ensure the correct issue procedure is followed.

Library CCTV

Information on the University-wide CCTV policy can be found on this page as a downloadable pdf document.

Find out more about security by visiting the library pages.

Feedback & Complaints

The Library welcomes feedback, and you are encouraged to complete comment cards with your thoughts. These are located at the Main Library Help Desk. There is the option to provide an email address if you would like a response from the Library. Users can also email and your feedback will be passed on to the appropriate member of staff.

Whiteboards are available in the library stairwells for making public comment and asking questions. Library staff will also write their responses via the whiteboards.

We also attend the Student Experience Council, and Staff-Student Liaison Meetings, and are happy to respond to issues and feedback raised.


If you would like to make a written complaint, please address this to the Head of Library. Users can also follow the University’s Complaints Procedure as detailed in the Student Regulations Framework.

Find out more by visiting the library pages.

Non-compliance with Library regulations

These regulations are not designed to penalise the conscientious user who uses the system properly but are necessary to protect the interest of all readers. The Head of Library is empowered to levy fines of up to £100.00 for breach of the Library regulations. Users may also be prohibited from using the Library.

Serious infringements of the regulations will be subject to the Student Misconduct Procedures. It is not intended that any of these measures will be imposed where mitigating circumstances can be shown.  Mitigating circumstances will be decided by the Head of Library.

Find out more by visiting the library pages.