Dyslexia, Dyspraxia & Dyscalculia


The British Dyslexia Association has a useful definition of specific learning difficulties (SpLDs):-

“Specific learning difficulties affect the way information is learned and processed.  They are neurological (rather than psychological), usually run in families and occur independently of intelligence.  They can have significant impact on education and learning and on the acquisition of literacy skills.”

The BDA go onto to list dyslexia, dyspraxia, DCD, dyscalculia, ADD and ADHD as some of the more frequently co-occuring difficulties that may be described as ‘SpLD’.


  • Use panopto!  Upload your session to learning space as quickly as possible afterward
  • Ensure presentations and handouts are available on learning space 24 hours before sessions
  • Use a variety of techniques to make the learning environment inclusive – short talks, group discussions, case studies, audio/videos etc
  • For presentations, use a pastel coloured background with dark text to ensure a good contrast
  • Use a dyslexia friendly font – 12 pt minimum and line spacing set at 1.5 (Calibri is Uni preferred)
  • Avoid justifying text
  • Where possible, use bullet points and number information
  • Visuals really help to secure ideas in working memory
  • Recap key words
  • Check the readability of texts used in lesson and for assignments
  • Try to give instructions verbally (if you need written instructions, provide a verbal summary too where possible)
  • Don’t ask students to read out loud to the rest of the class unless you know they are comfortable doing this
  • Provide additional time for tasks/in class tests as standard where you can – for instance a test you would wish to run over 15-20 mins can be started in the last ½ hour of a session and students told they can leave when they finish



The British Dyslexia Association provide a wealth of information about the conditions known collectively as SpLDs – specific learning difficulties:- https://www.bdadyslexia.org.uk/dyslexic/dyslexia-and-specific-difficulties-overview

NHS websites also provide useful information for instance at:-




Top Tips for teaching staff from DIAS Tutors:- Top Tips for students with SpLD