Recommended Blogs

True Sports – this blog website inspires me as professional in that it is current, updated info, easy to navigate and easy to use. the way its laid out and made visual to me in terms of the information and knowledge helps me understand more about my subject.

Kinetic Sports Rehab – this blog in terms of my profession inspires me because when it comes to my profession helping people and aiding them physically of mentally, the issues and problems people may come across on the blog are relevant and understandable.

Sports Rehab Centre – this blog builds my wanting and motivation to do more and know more and do well in my subject. The level of knowledge and methods of learning are similar to the levels I am at and will be at during my academic year.

BMJ – this blog inspires me as a professional because in terms of the knowledge it holds and has  is put together from lots of research and opinions from a lot of researchers with lots of points, quotes and facts.

All Sports  – this blog inspires me buy being all about the client and clients issues, its very specific to helping deal with clients issues and psychical or mental problems that happen and occur with sports injury.