Education and Training Opportunities

courses and training within sports rehabilitation that could be done to aid knowledge and experience along side and inside sport rehab could include:

Sports K – Tape: a method and echnique within sports rehabilitation to help aid a patiences or athletes mental state as well as physical state, in terms of physically it gives the injured athlete a extra levels of confidence and almost a slight placebo affect for example where an athlete will play or feel more confident with there injury in games, this is why it would be as a sports rehabilitator and why I would choose to complete one.

Proactive Sporting

Rock Tape


Sports massage: ranging from muscle relaxation and tension release to NMT’s and ROM training and pre or post game therapy. this from a rehab students point of view would give them a nice head start and a method of getting their nose in front of other on the course by having slightly more knowledge and performance.

Sports Therapy UK