Top 10 Study Skill Recommendations

Theratape – This aided me in the understanding of the uses, benefits and views on the practicality of Kinesiology Tape within sport rehabilitation. (K-Tape).

Sports Therapy UK  – This site aided me on how and why the techniques I use in sports therapy especially massage and rehab are used and the benefits of these techniques in terms of the anatomy of the patience body alongside each technique.

PT Health  – This is useful for understanding why people need sport rehabilitation and the positive and or negative effects and benefits it has on clients and practitioners.

Kahoot –  This tool helped and aided me as a different type of revision and a method to keep me more engaged with my studies and help me pin point what needs more work by creating my own quiz’s and revision material.

MARgen –  This aids me with my assignments more that revision or study because, when it comes to referencing my work, findings and research it helps format and mould them in the correct Marjon fashion.

Discovery – This aids with my research and readings to enhance my knowledge when completing my assignments in terms of finding the right information, facts and news of the subject I’m writing about.

Marjon library – This is similar to Discovery in terms of giving me the correct info and helps me finds specific authors or pieces of texts useful for me to use in my assignments and find e-books and journals.

eLearning & Tel Help – This helped me when it came to navigating around university assignments, life, email, learning space and contact over the e world with my university.

Physiopedia – I used this website as well as a link to their YouTube online vlogging channel with visual help and aid on the physical aspects of my course at university and has by far been the top revision tool for my recent exams.

Microsoft Office – As a student at university Microsoft have offered students the opportunity to download their Office 365 Education Bundle for absolutely free. This was useful to me for physical working tools for my assignments and university work.