Power Boating

Hello (again)…

Please follow the attachments to see posts referring to power-boating:

Day 1: https://sites.marjon.ac.uk/kdclaydonsmith/2018/01/05/day-1-of-power-boating/

Day 2: https://sites.marjon.ac.uk/kdclaydonsmith/2018/01/05/day-2-of-power-boating/

Day 3: https://sites.marjon.ac.uk/kdclaydonsmith/2018/01/05/day-3-of-power-boating/

Day 4: Unfortunately, I had the misfortune to miss out on this day due to illness. So, instead I laid in bed whilst watching programs related to the HM Maritime Coastguard Agency, Royal Navy and other funny videos on YouTube.