What Type of Outdoor Practitioner Am I?

As a child I fell into a state of boredom, the four walls of a classroom and a window that gazed upon the local woodland, helped me better understand my professional pathway than the majority of lessons taught throughout my schooling years. I had to escape this machine that entrapped my development, but I never knew how!

It was not until I further progressed into Sixth Form and studied Public Services, where I found a whole new passion. the expeditions and outdoor practice, guided me to the decision to study a degree in the subject related to these experiences.

I value my own independence, where I find the passion to escape in adventurous settings and connect further with the environment physically and emotionally.

From their I also joined the Armed Forces as an Infantry Reservist for two years of service, which had helped myself develop personally.

For the first year of my degree, I made the decision to study BA (Hons) Outdoor Leadership at the University of Central Lancashire; granting me more opportunities to gain new skills, to see new places and meet new people who share the same passion for the outdoors. But I knew that Plymouth was my home town, and further made the decision to transfer to Plymouth Marjon university and study BA (Hons) Outdoor Adventure Education for my final two years.

Perhaps the best way to describe what type of outdoor practitioner I am, would be to say that I’m the type open to new experiences.

From which is where I stand now, perhaps dreading the end result of degree, but knowing that these opportunities will lead to more exciting and prospects. In addition, I will always pursue new adventurous settings to develop from.


Kieran Claydon-Smith