29.11.19 – Sports massage of right hamstring for a member of the ladies Futsal team

Date: 29.11.19

Duration: 1600-1630 – 30 minutes

Venue: Marjon Sports Therapy Clinic

Reflective Summary:

A member of the ladies Futsal team requested a massage of her right hamstring.

I checked that she was in good health and that there were no red flags and contraindications.  She had no conditions that would lead me to decide that a sports massage wasn’t appropriate.  She confirmed that she was not allergic to any of the massage mediums.

I applied effleurage, petrissage and some tapotement techniques (hacking and beating).  I palpated all three hamstring muscles and noticed that there was tightness/tension near the insertion of the semimembranosus.  I applied the neuromuscular technique to the trigger point and eventually it dissipated. I also applied slow tissue release and a muscular energy technique (specifically Post-isometric relaxation) to lengthen, stretch and improve the range of motion of the hamstrings.  There was a significant improvement in the ROM after the application of MET.

Areas for further improvement plus action plan


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