06.12.19 – assessment of a shoulder -upper back injury of female lacrosse/water polo player

Date: 06.12.19

Duration: 1530 – 1700 – 1.5 hours

Venue: Marjon Sports Therapy Clinic

Reflective Summary:

My client was a female lacrosse/water polo player who complained of pain underneath the right shoulder blade after playing lacrosse and water polo about 9 days ago. She said that it felt like she was being constantly prodded/continual pressure.  The pain begins in the throwing phase during abduction/external rotation and continues through until release.  There was also pain in the pectoral and biceps region in her right shoulder.

I carried out a thorough and full assessment of the client and with the help of a supervisor in clinic, despite a positive Hawkins special test, we came to the conclusion that her shoulder muscles and biceps on the right-hand side needed strengthening.  The client’s shoulders were slightly protracted.  We devised a programme of strengthening exercises to be performed twice a week.

I still feel very much like a fish out of water when going through a SOAP assessment of a client.  It is also very time-consuming.  I need to develop my critical reasoning skills and work through the assessments more quickly.  At present I am very much process-based.  It is very much a process for me.  I should be trying to think more outside of the box.  More practise is needed to build my experience and confidence.

Areas for further improvement plus action plan

Take every opportunity to practise SA and OA of students with different injuries.  Try to approach it critically rather than just process-based.

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