Oh my gosh I am INSPIRED

On Saturday the 30th of Novemember,  I watched ‘The Strange Tale of Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel’ in The Drum at Theatre Royal Plymouth. In the play was entirely in mime and followed the life and friendship of Charlie and Stan, set and based on the ship that they travelled from England to New York on.


This was my first time seeing a live mime performance and it was really inspiring. They had a live pianist and used a lot of music throughout the show, just like how silent movies used to be shown. The energy from the performers was incredible, as well as the focus that they maintained throughout the 1hr 45 minute run time. Considering the high physical demands of the piece, I was also blown away by the performers stamina.  It has made me consider how high I want the level of physicality to be and how I need to prepare myself for what will be a very demanding piece, both physically and mentally. I know that warm ups will be crucial and working physically outside of the space, i.e going to the gym and swimming, will aid in the explorations we are going to be doing.

Plan for January:

  • Sign up to the Gym and Swim membership at Marjon and go at least 2 times a week
  • Make sure to attend all Wednesday sessions to further physical engagement (Movement and Yoga)
  • Practise yoga outside of uni as well to increase flexibility and self care
  • Look after my body more by fuelling it correctly (Drink more water and eat to sustain)
  • Make time for breaks and check in with each other at least once a week.

I want to get myself back into the routine we had with something like Caesar or Electra. Getting used to working physically and understanding the demands of a show. I love being in a routine with a show, the early calls and late finishes always make my excited and happy. Even though i’m exhausted, I know this is what I want to do. At the moment, I do not feel like that however. I really miss having that lust for the stage, long tech weeks and schedules. I think I just need to keep seeing and doing shows/stuff, something to reignite the spark.



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