Securing a Placement

So today was a very exciting day as I had a meeting with a lady called Sasha from the charity ‘Stop Abuse for Everyone’ (SAFE). After not getting a response from Action for Children in Exeter I began sending out more e-mails to other local charities as I really wanted to acquire a placement that really interests me. Just looking at the SAFE website I knew they dealt with subjects such as prevention and safeguarding of trauma and abuse victims in adults and children which I would love to gain work experience in. The meeting went very successfully and I secured a work placement with them (which I have submitted to InPlace) and got to meet a lot of the Exeter team and discuss their different job roles. I got to speak to an on-call counsellor, a lady that runs and organises events for children after trauma and a woman that takes in all the referrals and cases and assesses them. They have various different programmes set up and funded by the government or other liscensed charities such as the NSPCC e.g D.A.R.T (domestic abuse recovery together). They offer a ‘whole family’ approach meaning they adopt a holisitc approach when working with families that have dealt with abuse or trauma.  During the meeting with Sasha, I completed the Placement Checklist and got her to sign the learning agreement. I will upload a copy of all paperwork onto Edublogs, however, there are a few forms I am just waiting to be signed off by my Placement Supervisor (Forms will be uploaded before beginning my hours on the 01/04/19). I found the whole meeting very intriguing and I can’t wait to fully start my placement hours on the 1st April. I will be meeting with a lady called Kate next week and I will be helping her plan and set up her children’s sessions called ‘Seedlings’. These are playgroups designed to help children communicate their feelings and emotions. I am really excited to get involved with this and this charity as a whole as I feel like they cover a lot of different areas and I can gain a lot of knowledge and experience from working with them and I can’t wait to start my placement with them.


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