Future Hours Scheduled..

Unfortunately, as much as I have tried to gain 50hours by the 24th of May I have been unsuccessful. However, I have applied for extenuating circumstance so I hope these hours will be taken into consideration. On the 30th May, I am attending a day trip to Powderham Castle, where the charity takes some of the children from the charity out for the day during half term so certain families don’t have to stress about childcare and also to give the children an opportunity to do activities they wouldn’t necessarily be accessible to. I am really excited to attend this trip as there will be children attending who were on the Seedlings course and others I have met through primary school visits throughout this month so it will be nice to see how they are all doing.

I will also be attend a group supervision meeting at the charity on Wednesday 12th June where every member working at the SAFE Charity in the Exeter Area will attend and discuss their work and any way other professionals may be able to assist them and to give a general feedback on how everyone is doing with their cases and their support aid.I am really excited to just be able to sit it on this meeting as it will give me a detailed insight into how this charity is helping and supporting this local community. It is making me very excited to start working for this charity as I really value and appreciate everything they do as a whole.

I am also waiting for Sasha to send me over the completed finished paperwork and will upload it to Edublogs as soon as I receive it back.

(TRIP = 7hrs, MEETING = 3hrs) = 10hrs


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