In September 2019, I was offered the opportunity to continue my involvement with Plymouth Argyle FC. As part of this voluntary placement I was lucky enough to be asked to coach the U7’s and U8’s (Pre Academy). I was also asked to share ideas around building better relationships with grassroots clubs. One suggestion I put forward was to plan and deliver a futsal festival which invited local clubs to attend. It was a success in terms of the number of teams that attended, especially for the ones who were new to futsal. Since then I have continued to push further with futsal and after a year of lobbying, the Devon junior and minor league have agreed to run a futsal programme alongside mini soccer during the 2019/20 season.

Flyer for futsal festival

Photos from the futsal festival



Futsal tactics shared by myself with coaches who attended futsal festival.


Coaching session templates designed for U7’s & U8’s

SPORT D90_SPOH01 Placement Checklist for Students, University Placement Tutors Placement

2018_19 Declaration of Placement Attendance Summative Assessment

Student Log of Placement Attendance 2018_19 (1)