In business to make a difference in the world

marjon business schoolAt first, you may think entrepreneurship is just about making money and the accumulation of wealth and expensive things. In fact, entrepreneurship is really about the creation of value for others.

Wealth creation is often only one factor in what is a values driven and complex process. The act of starting and building a venture should require a consideration of values. Your Mark Zuckerbergs and your Alan Sugars aside, the majority of business are small or medium sized enterprises (SMEs) made up of average Jo’s (Josephine’s or Joseph’s!) wanting to make a difference in the world.

 At Plymouth Marjon University, we put our values; humanity, ambition, curiosity and independence at the heart of everything we do, including entrepreneurship!  Developed by staff, inspired by students, and drawing upon the university’s heritage and ultimately its aspirations for the future, the values provide a fantastic all-encompassing guide to power our entrepreneurship education. Marjon Business School even has rooms named after them…

the marjon values

Humanity – Creating human connections and community.

Marjon is a home for a range of entrepreneurial communities. The Edge, your enterprise and employability hub, is a space and place for these communities to come together and share ideas and opportunities. In the Humanity zone shared incubation space and meeting rooms encourage networking and building a community beyond the University. This space is designed to facilitate the ‘human’ side of entrepreneurship; the connections between people, whether that be students, staff or the business community.

Ambition – Empowering people to be the best they can be.

The aim of Marjon Business School is to equip and encourage everyone to seek opportunities in all aspects of their ‘career’.  We want those that engage with us to realise their potential and gain the skills, knowledge and experience required to fulfil it. Our ‘Ambition’ room is a Boardroom, a professional space for meetings used by staff, students and business owners; designed to be a space for decision making and realising ambitions.

Curiosity – Encouraging potential and possibility.

Entrepreneurship is all about scoping out what is possible and pushing the boundaries to achieve your goals. Our ideation space (called Curiosity) is a place where individuals and teams can be free to think and explore the realms of potential and possibility. It is a space designed for innovative thinking and creativity, the movable furniture, and walls you can draw on, encourage anyone who uses it to be creative and spot opportunities.

Independence – Encouraging diverse views and independent thought.

Entrepreneurs are pioneers. They forge a new path and work for themselves embracing the independence and autonomy that it brings. Entrepreneurship doesn’t need to be lonely occupation so Marjon provides a space for a community of like-minded people to interact and connect. In the Independence room, people will be creating and incubating their businesses in a professional space and networking with others.

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