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geoffery in the usaMy time at Bloomsburg University would have been useless if it did not change me as a person. It sounds cliché, but the experience was great in every way possible. My semester abroad exceeded all my expectations. Not only did I experience a different culture, a different way of learning, see new places, meet new people, I even managed to win a Leadership award at Marjon’s Inspiring Student Awards 2018 ceremony, and the list could go on.

My semester abroad allowed me to get one step closer to the career that I want to have, it also put me in touch with individuals who were able to guide me further on this career path. I would highly recommend a semester abroad to all students, being away is challenging at times but the benefits and rewards are worthwhile.

My personal highlight of my time at Bloomsburg University was definitely the Leicester stay strong initiative. It was amazing to see how what we did at Bloomsburg University had a positive effect on those that were still coming to terms with a tragic explosion in Leicester. It was a bonus that it made the news in the East Midlands and as a result of this, I developed a new set of skills such as learning how to do a live radio interview and a live video call interview. These are great life skills to have as you never know when you may need them. This was also a great confidence booster for me.

The 16 week semester flew by and now I am in my third week of travelling. So far, I have been to Atlanta, Dover, Washington and I am writing this on a 14-hour drive to Florida. I am spending the summer in America and taking part in the Camp America programme. This will be my second summer working at Camp Ladore. This is a co-ed camp and my role at camp is the Athletics Director.  This role goes hand in hand with my BA (Hons) Sports Coaching degree, I coach 4 sessions a day at camp, this gives me great first-hand experience which I can then apply to my theory work and use to my advantage in the future.

on to the next challenge

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