Coping with student life

tea and talkIt’s often really hard to talk about mental health issues, even though people are much more open about mental health issues today there are still many negative connotations that surround it.  It is a truth universally acknowledged that the first and most crucial step in tackling issues related to mental health is talking about it.

You can come to a ‘Tea and Talk’ on mental health awareness on 10 October and the theme is ‘stress’. It is from 12.30-14.00 in the Student Hub. Come along for guidance on where to go for support both on and off campus, information on coping with student life and how to look after your own health and wellbeing.  University can bring many adjustments to your life; it can be exciting and thought provoking but can also be very challenging and bewildering, particularly when you are a new student.

You can book to join a mindfulness workshop on 17 October, between 12.30-13.30 in the Chaplaincy.

As a student you need to balance the stresses and demands of juggling studying, working in new groups, socialising on campus and managing all this alongside other commitments, such as being employed part time, learning to deal with your own finances or dealing with caring responsibilities.  Living with these new challenges can be exciting but may impact on your mental health; there are lots of coping strategies that you can use to make your time at university easier and more fun.

Stress can be a positive natural feeling and help you to manage coping with challenging situations, such as exams and deadlines, it is not necessarily a mental health difficulty.

Nevertheless, stress can go on to lead to low mood, depression and anxiety if it is persistent.  The NHS has produced a helpful guide for students on how to manage stress and anxiety while at University.

Marjon offers a number of support services to all students:

  • Well-being Signposting Service – Five mornings a week. To book an initial 15 minute appointment, just email or call 01752 636891. This is a safe listening space and a place to get initial information about other support, both within the university and externally.
  • The Chaplaincy Listening Post – Drop-in anytime between 9.30-3.00, Monday to Friday, and speak to Michelle or to make an appointment email Michelle on
  • Student Counselling – There is a short waiting list and generally students are asked to make use of the Well-being Signposting Service and Chaplaincy Listening Post in the first instance. If you have had counselling before and are sure this is the best way forward for you, please email
  • Online – Check out the full range of resources in the Student Handbook – including information on: anxiety, stress, mindfulness techniques, and people to talk to out of hours.
  • The Resident Life Coordinators work with the students who are resident on campus and can be contacted by email on and

Online resources developed specifically for students include:

This blog was co-authored by Marjon Learning Mentors Stef D’Amico, Sarah Ord-Houghton and Victoria Adams.

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