Things you can do to recycle and reuse at Marjon

recycle reuseIs recycling and reuse important to you? There are lots of ways to recycle and reuse right here at Marjon.

Batteries. Pop your old batteries in the battery bin outside the Student Union office.

Books. One of our Journalism students is currently running a book drive to give away books around Plymouth. If you’ve got any unwanted books at home (think great novels and not 500 page textbooks) then please drop them off in the Chapel and our Journalism students will see what they can do to give them a new home and promote a love of books.

book scullptureWhile we’re on the subject of books, the Library are keen to ensure the reuse of old book stocks, with books being either sold on or donated to schools and other institutions such as prisons and local charity shops to help them to raise funds. In the library you can get waste paper to use as scrap paper and unloved pens and pencils are available for students to use. You might have seen book sculptures crafted from old book stock too!

Clothes. The Chapel collects for Open Hearts Open Borders Refugee Aid, a not-for-profit founded by Marjon graduate Faraday Fearnside. You can donate a range of used or unwanted items, including clothes, linen and toiletries. Find the most up-to-date list of things that are needed on their Facebook page.

Food waste. All of the containers, coffee cups and cutlery in the main restaurant are made by Edenware and their products contain 100% sustainable materials and must be put in the food waste bin for composting.

recycling in the dining hallTake a moment to make sure to use the right bin, separating your food waste, recycling and other waste because the recycling supplier won’t take contaminated bins.

Plus, there is a 20p discount if you buy a hot drink on campus in a reusable cup (and if you need a cup you can buy one on campus for £7). There is now a box so we can reuse the sleeves on coffee cups too.

Plant pots. Green-fingered Marjoners can request free plastic plant trays and loose single plant pots from Matt Ewens (thanks Matt!), who runs a flower shop when he is not working at Marjon.

Stamps. Stamps are collected at the Student Hub for UK Air Ambulance Services.

Anything else? The Chapel have a ‘free stuff’ table where you can donate unwanted clothes, books, kitchen items and basically anything for someone else to take, instead of chucking them out.

If you know of other ways to reuse and recycle here at Marjon please write it into the comments below to spread the word, thank you!

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