Flying through my degree

course matesIt is going to be challenging to sum up my last three years here at Marjon as a BA (Hons) Sport Coaching student, but I will do my best. I can still remember move in day back in September 2016, and now three years down the line it is time to leave the student life to enter a new chapter.

Meeting friends for life

I have been lucky that throughout my time at Marjon, I have had a set of friends that have supported me in everything that I have wanted to do. I cannot thank them enough for being there for me every step of the way, we have made a lot of memories together and I wish them all the best for the future.

Learning life skills

working at the roadshowThroughout my time as a student at Marjon I was able to work as a student ambassador and earn some money. Whilst earning money, I was also able to gain some valuable skills which make me more employable. I have worked at events such as education fairs, open days, applicant days and mentored students.

This job allowed me to become more confident and improved my communication and time management skills.

In the final year of my degree, I become a Resident Student Assistant (RSA). This was an amazing and rewarding job as I was able to help new students settle in to university.

The American Dream

in americaAs part of my degree I was able to study at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania and also take part in Camp America working at a summer camp. These were amazing opportunities and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I have made lifelong friends through these experiences and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking about studying abroad or working at a summer camp. Whilst in America, I was lucky enough to travel to various places including Florida, California, New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, Washington DC, New Jersey, Delaware, and I was also able to visit Toronto in Canada.

What’s next?

running for the suIn March, I ran for elections to be the new President of Marjon Student Union. I was successful and started in my role at the beginning of July. I not only feel privileged to be spending another year at Marjon but feel privileged that I will be representing the voice of Marjon students. I am excited for the year ahead and look forward to overcoming challenges to make sure that every student has a well-rounded social and academic experience at Marjon.

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