Developing Skills of Action Research.

As part of our project, all partners involved have been carrying out their own action research within their own schools and settings. As we come towards the end of the project the findings of the action research has been shared at a variety of multiplier events where we have explored what the research has meant with respect to teaching and learning.

Action research topics included :

-The concept of equality and the equal sign (=) in Elementary School.

-The use of games-including the Spanish card deck -in the Maths teaching process.

-The use of manipulatives to enhance children’s mathematical understanding and problem solving.

-How to develop  parental engagement with respect to maths.

The research findings will be published as part of our project outputs and will hopefully inspire other schools to carry out their own action research and enable them to reflect on how sometimes the simplest change in practice or focus can make significant differences to the quality of teaching and learning. We held a webinar  on the subject of action research, earlier in the project which provided a great opportunity to schools to engage with this topic.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions around action research or the project generally.


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