Clinical reflections 22

21/03/19  Marjon clinic  No. of hours 32
Two clients were seen during this two hour session. The first client was 18 year old female runner who runs 4 times a week and does swimming once a week. The second client was a 20 year old lacrosse player who is also female. They play lacrosse once a week with training two times a week.
The first client that came in was a runner, she runs 4 times a week. Because of this she had explained that both gastrocnemius were sore from running. ROM was tested and their posture was too, from evaluating this it shown that their posture was good, but they did have knocked knees. They had FROM in both of the legs with out any pain. While palpating the client there was clear tightness in both legs. A massage was given to both of the legs by using techniques such as effleurage, petrissage and tapotements. METs were also done to help stretch the muscles.
The second client had tightness in their left shoulder, this could have been from playing lacrosse two day before. A postural assessment was done and they had clear kyphosis. The left shoulder was evidently higher than the right, ROM was also tested and although there was on pain it was easy to see that ROM was limited on the left side. Massage techniques were used to help ease the tightness in the shoulder after this was done trigger points were used to stretch the muscles in the neck. ROM was tested again after the session and it had improved on both of the sides.
Give advice on aftercare this includes RICE, making sure to inform them to drink fluids and to do home exercises to build muscle strength.

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