Clinical reflections 24

23/04/19  Marjon clinic  No. of hours 37

The first client was a 19 year old female who recently hasn’t been going to gym as much as she used to because they have been focusing on university work. The second client was a 19 year old male who plays water polo once a week with training also being once a week.

The first client was a first year university student and hasn’t been going to the gym as much but has neck and shoulder pain. They have explained that this could be due to focusing on university and having poor posture while standing and sitting. ROM was tested in the neck and they had FROM. While doing a postural assessment it was clear that they had curvature of the thoracic spine because of this a massage was given this was done to the upper fibres of the traps. Once the back and neck was massage the client turned over so their pectorals could be massaged this was to help open up the chest to help improve their kyphosis. ROM was tested for the second time and it had shown that the clients mobility had improved by about 5⁰ on both sides.

The second client came in with left shoulder tightness and EMS, a postural assessment was done and the left shoulder was higher than the right. ROM was tested and they had FROM in shoulder flex/ext. A massage was given in the session this was done to the upper fibre of traps and the left deltoid to help with the muscle tension. After the massage METs were used to help stretch the muscles, after everything was completed ROM was tested and it had improved.

Remember towelling techniques, this includes when the client turn around to make sure that the towel doesn’t move so the client doesn’t feel exposed.

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