Clinical reflections 25

24/04/19  Marjon clinic  No. of hours 40

Two clients were seen in this session, two hours were spent on the first client which was a 27 year old male who goes to the gym 4 times a week. The second client was a 19 year old female who swims 3 times a week.

The first client was a gym goer, he goes at least 4 times a week. The client was explaining that they had a tight left deltoid and pectoral, this could’ve been due to weighted exercise that they have been doing in the gym. ROM was done and it showed that he had FROM in both shoulders. Massage was done on the clients deltoids, pectorals and upper fibres of traps. Neuromuscular techniques were used to ease the pain and tension in the neck, back, and shoulders. Vibration techniques were used during the session as the client was tensing their muscles which means it was harder to give treatment. After the session ROM was tested again and it had improved.

The second client was coming in for their tight hamstrings. ROM was tested and their left leg was at about 90 ⁰ and the right was at about 85⁰ ROM. From looking at the knee heights they were the same height, but they have knocked knees. With the hips the left leg was slightly higher than the right. A massage was given to the client to help relieve tension and tightness. When the massage was done trigger points were used to help stretch the muscle. ROM was tested for the second time and it had shown that the client could now get to about 95⁰ on both legs.

Remember to use METs when needed, think about what the clients needs and wants are and think about what techniques would be best for this.

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