Clinical reflections 26

24/04/19  Marjon clinic  No. of hours 42

Two clients were seen during this two hour session. The first client was a 20 year old female who plays volleyball once a week with training also once a week she also play water polo once a week. The second client was an 18 year old female who plays football once a week but also coaches girls football.

The first client came in with lower back pain, and sore glutes. Testing was done, this included a postural assessment by doing this it could be seen that the client had slight lordosis. Her right hip was also slightly higher than the left this was the same with the shoulders, her knees were level. Glute firing was tested and it had shown that her hamstrings were firing before her glutes on both of the sides. Massage was given to the lower back using different techniques. After the massage aftercare was given this included giving the client a few glutes exercise to do.

The second client was a footballer, she came in with tight quads. The quads were ToP this was on both legs but the right one seemed tighter than the left. It was clear that the client had bowed legs, the knees where level and the muscle bulk was even. Massage was given to both quads using various techniques such as effleurage, petrissage, tapotments, and neuromuscular techniques. After the massage ROM was tested and it shown that it had improved.

Research more exercises for the clients to do at home for aftercare and explain why and how they will help in the future.

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