Clinical reflections 28

25/04/19  Marjon clinic  No. of hours 47

Three clients were seen during this session as it lasted for three hours. The first client was a 27 year old male who goes to the gym 4 times a week. The second was a 19 year old female who swims 2 times a week and the third was a 23 year old male volleyball player who plays once a week and trains two times a week.

The first client was explaining that they were experiencing pectoral soreness this was also in their shoulders on both sides. ROM was tested and they had FROM in both shoulders, a postural assessment was done and this had shown that the client had good posture. A massage was given to the upper fibres of traps, neck and deltoids, techniques used to massage were effleurage, petrissage, and neuromuscular techniques. After the massage to client was told of the aftercare this was to not overuse the muscles and to RICE.

The second client had come in with tight gastrocnemius which was due to them overusing it for the past two days by running which they just started doing. The client had FROM and their posture was good. Their left knee was slightly higher than the other. A massage was given to them this was on both legs and this was also done on their feet. Aftercare was given to the client about resting and making sure they have plenty of fluids after the massage.

The third client came in with lower back stiffness. The clients posture was assessed and they had good posture, their muscle bulk was even on both sides and the right hip was slightly higher than the left. For their treatment a massage was given this included effleurage, petrissage, and deep frictions to help with the pain. Aftercare was given to the client explaining to not overuse muscles otherwise this could slow down the recovery and make their back pain worse.

Try to do taping during sessions as well as massage, this could help with the client after the session has been completed.

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