Placement – Day Two (Friday 29th March 2019)

After the initial first day of the placement, several hours were spent on reading various UCOP and the general statement on health and safety available from–Safety-Policy-Sep-2018.pdf

it became apparent that as comprehensive as the health and safety policy was there was little corresponding documentation on the use of safety signage subsequent supporting guidance.  In fact in the general policy of health and safety, signage was covered in 2 and a half sentences.  Although mindful signage could be explored in greater detail within individual UCOP’s, I was of the belief that in its own right safety signs and signage should and could have its own guidance.  Why do I think this is simply because signs and signage convey the importance of the identified risks performed in risk assessments from “behind the scenes” to the general public. In basic terms, if there are requirements needed to be undertaken or behaviours that need controlling then this should be documented within its own separate document without referring to various other UCOP’s.

This opinion was expressed during my second day of placement.  I stressed the importance that correct health and safety signage could in its own right deserve separate guidance and perhaps it’s own policy and procedure.  It was agreed that I could create a draft document that could be used to convey such importance.

Between day two and day three, several hours were used to conduct background literature reading on health and safety signage.  Although wishing to complete a full draft of guidance on the use of signage, there was a lot of literature to read and so only the beginning of a draft was commenced.


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