Corona Virus

As of the 18th of March 2020, I have been self-isolating as a result of the very contagious Corona Virus currently spreading across the world. The decision to self-isolate was very difficult as I was really looking forward to completing my 50 hours of work experience at the Sunflower Centre. I enjoyed the hours I did work and was excited to continue as I believe that the service that they offer is really important and beneficial to so many women. However, I am still recovering from surgery that I had at the end of February, that combined with my already weak immune system means that I was incredibly anxious about going outside and dealing with a lot of members of the public. I also needed to consider my loved ones as my partner has asthma so is high risk, and his nan is also very high risk, so I did not believe that it was the right thing for me to do to continue going to my work placement.
As I write this blog post, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has just ordered people that are not key workers to stay indoors so stop the spread of this virus. Therefore, even if i hadn’t made the decision to self-isolate, it would have been taken out of my hands very quickly.
I emailed my placement supervisor to inform her of the decision that I had made and she was incredibly understanding and told me that I had to make the right decision for myself and my loved ones. She has told me that the door is still open for me to return once this has all blown over.
I also voiced my anxiety, which has gotten incredibly bad as of late due to the current circumstances, to my Placement Tutor at Uni. I have been reassured that this will not affect my assessment and that because many of us are in the same boat that there will be measures put in place to make sure that everyone can complete this module to the best of their ability. This has helped calm me down somewhat, but I am still unsure of what is going to happen.

I have completed some of the paperwork but not all of it so that is worrying me also.

As of the 25th March, there has been an alternative assessment offered for those who do not feel that they have sufficient hours to complete the original assessment. I am completely unsure of which one to complete and will need to discuss it with my tutor over the coming days. Over email of course!

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