Rory Payton CV

236 Longridge way, Weston Super Mare, Somerset | | 07873791653


11 GCSE’s A-C, Including English, Mathematics and Sciences

BTEC Lv3: Sport and Exercise science: D*D*D*

Current: BA Sport Exercise Sciences- Plymouth Marjon University

Skills & Abilities

Sports Coaching volunteer- 25-hour award

F.A. cup semi-final recognition u16s, u 18s

F.A. referee recognition- Lv.7/Lv.6 promotion

F.A. Football futures recognition award- coaching volunteer

F.A. First aid Lv1

F.A. mandatory H+S lv.1

Weston Community progress award

Sainsbury’s active kids Inclusivity award

Weston community assistant- 2015 (W.E.)

Weston tennis club coaching assistant: 2013-2015 (W.E.)


Attendee of:

Effects of Psychobiology on human performance- Samuelé Marcora




Tennis Coach- Weston Tennis Club

December 2014- September 2017

Acted as an assistant during work experience, before being hired as a part time assistant, before finally being offered the role of private coaching and group leader in late 2015


Weston-S-Mare Community assistant- Weston City Council

November 2015- September 2016

Assisted Community development and sport for Weston city council, Alongside Weston football club Community officer Geoff Stevens, Providing community building sessions.


Weston College Student union- Weston College

September 2015- Feburary 2017

Acted as Sports officer and VP for Weston college, attend meetings with the Management staff, and planned sport-based fundraisers.


Jaimie Allen, Senior head tennis coach

Weston Tennis club



Geoff Stevens, Weston-S-Mare Community officer





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