Placement Philosophy

When considering placement, it is important to consider many things. Find below a shortlist of things you need to know, before you start hunting!

  • What you want to learn.
  • What skillset you want to work on
  • How you can be a valuable asset
  • Connections you will make
  • Future possibilities


All of these things contribute to the ideal placement for any aspiring student, whether they are in their first experience in secondary school, or a university planning their career for the future.


For me, my ideal placement starts right here, developing a website for Plymouth Marjon university, developing my practical skills by calibrating equipment, while honing my academic prowess and possibly even my renown! It allows me to learn about new equipment hands-on, while making connections to the lab staff and the university, while also having the future possibility of employability!


Consider your own now, and find mine in the archives topic, on my page!



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