The blog of Joel Smith, an athletics coach and magazine columnist. The Website JustFlyPerformance has guides to performance, coaching and everything else you can expect for a good sports blog!


With excellent formatting and presentation, this website has some great potential. If only this one was so lucky! Find his masterpiece here: JustFlyPerformance

Fitness Republic

Fitness Republic is a website that resembles a toolbox. Endless resources on fitness, nutrition, community events and more. If you could think to ask about it, it’s probably there. Plus they recently did a very similar article to mine! Great minds think alike!


Find their website here: FitnessRepublic

They also have an app, which helps with nutrition and community connections! Find it from their website, and you’ll feel healthier already!

Japanese tourism- Olympic preparations!

For handy guides to Japan, Chris Broad’s website and Youtube channel ABroadinJapan is a beacon of cross-continental internationalism, offering guides to simple things like bars and simple etiquette, to tours of the prefectures of Japan for both food and fun!


Plus he has guides to Airport and public transport, activities for your stay in Japan, ideas for your budgeting issues (We all have them!) and how you can make the most of the magic of Japan! #JPNOlympics is on it’s way!


Check out the Website here: AbroadinJapan

Or his Youtube channel here: AbroadinJapan Youtube

Runner’s world

The blog authored by Alex Hutchinson, a famed and respected columnist for many magazines, winning national awards. He has also recently published a book: Endure; the mind, body, and curiously elastic limits of human performance! Definitely worth a read! Having reviewed it myself, i can definitely recommend it!


Runner’s world focuses on nutrition and endurance running, offering resources to develop runners in any way possible, from food to shoes, and brains to the training field.


Find it here; Runner’s world

Sport and fitness science

A blog by Dr. Marco Cardinale, PhD. This blog offers many different subject matters, and many fields of research. Furthermore, it is from a reliable source, with proven qualifications!


For those still sceptical, the editor is the previous head of sport science research for GB at Beijing and London’s Olympics! What reason do you have to not go?


Find here: Sport and Fitness science





The home of sport science

A blog that mainly provides news and controversies, The home of sport science is… well, the name gives it away.


This website is a beacon for the sport community, as a hub for research, management and marketing. The site personally interests me with it’s reports on cycling, as well as in-depth info on doping and the Olympics!


Find them here: The home of sport science!

Academic Resources

This is a list of resources that will help to develop academic growth and provide resources for developing your essays!


1: Mendeley: This website along with its Microsoft word plugin allows for automatic reference generation, as well as instant bibliography production, based on the references placed in your essay! Super easy, Super convenient!


2: Google books: Though you may not want to buy a whole book, you can view a preview, and find resources from books that have been published. Take advantage if you can, why not?


3: IJER: The international journal of educational research publishes papers for international students, developing education and teaching techniques, to be use in the classroom, no matter the subject.


4: AARE: The Australian Association of Research in Education are a national body for education, and provides contact between international researchers and Australian educators, and any educational professional.


5: Sheffield Dyslexia aid: Sheffield university has created a multi-sensory guide for dyslexic students on reading and writing. An excellent project, and provides services for education for everybody!


6: Education corner: Again useful for education, Education corner provides resources for students between early childhood to key stage 12, covering a huge demographic. It provides resources on learning, time management and study skills. Exactly what you came to this page for!


7: Tofugu’s hiragana guide: If you want to learn a new language, or you enjoy learning with visual and mnemonic aids, this is perfect! As an added bonus, you learn a new language with a new learning technique!


8: Education.com: A website full of games, worksheets and lesson plans, the website provide educational opportunities and study guides for reception to year 6, as well as international resources. It acts as a hub for teachers and students, ensuring everyone learns something new!


9: TES: Teaching resources made for teachers, shared by teachers. Not only is there free resources, there is also developed revision tasks for specific exams, and can be used to bolster knowledge of students on their courses.


10: BBC learning: The official site of the BBC, it provides activities for all subjects, and can offer advice on study for all ages. Hop over and explore, you will find something for you in no time!


Please immerse yourself in resources for learning, and enjoy your time on these websites! Good luck learning all these things, it’ll take a lifetime!