About me

Rory Payton; Sport scientist, culture enthusiast, Website Creator!

I am a Sport science at Plymouth Marjon university. After years of sport as a child, I decided to develop my skills as a teacher, my first passion. After discovering the science behind sport, however, I was fascinated, and found my way into the world of research, utilising my skills to debate and develop with others. Recently, I have been enamoured with developing my knowledge and understanding, as well as trying to expand my own experience.


Within sport, I have experience as a referee of Futsal and Football, as well as a player of Tennis and volleyball. Not only this, I now host my own research on this website, widening my own knowledge.


Now, I look forward to implementing this website into my work, using it as an archive of all the interesting work I have become proud of. Feel free to share the joy, and find your love of sport from mine!


See my CV for more details!

Olympic countdown 2020

Begin the countdown to your Olympics now, as we head towards the opening  ceremony of Tokyo 2020! Make sure to mark your calendar, get learning your Japanese and grab a friend for the event of the decade. Even better, grab a group of buddies and attend or host a viewing party. Be sure to invite me!


Tokyo 2020 Olympic countdown