Evidence of placement contacts:

Another post right before the deadline! During my placement logs, I obviously believed I would not need to provide contact details for my fellow students who I aided, but here they are, as validation for my hundreds (probably, I didn’t record them all!) of hours!

Placement supervisor: banniss@marjon.ac.uk

Endorsement to Athletic clientele team: cpuleston@marjon.ac.uk

Students assisted:




Placement end: Its all Ogre now

I think its all done. All the toil (not much). All the pain (Barely any). All the backbreaking labour (literally none). This should be my final blog post.


I learned a lot overall, not that it wasn’t fun as well. Lab technique and protocol, equipment usage, briefs and considerations. New subjects, like supplementation in the military. Hell, I wouldn’t guess that there was much study in the military before I started doing some. How irritable children can be when missing football training to jump in a lab. All learning experiences. Looking back, I think it doesnt come across well in the blogs, but I enjoyed and learned a lot. I think I might have to show it better in that reflective essay, but meh. I’ll get it right. Anyway, it has been fun, but this is the end!


And now, my work has ended. (But I gotta write an essay, soooo…. not really.)

Placement weekly blog: The final countdown

Alison and Henry’s testing ended this week! Both of their deadlines are soon, so they were forced to stop testing. It has been fun, but I guess all good things come to an end.


I have a few appointments with Chris, mostly health checks and tours, but all stuff I’ve done before. I will make one final post before my end, stay tuned!

Placement weekly Blog: End in sight

Finished! Metaphorically, i guess. My placement hours are done, but I am still helping out Alison and Henry until they finish their work, so overtime pay?


Nothing new today, but I might be a lab assistant proper in Y3, as Chris has asked me to help train up some second years next year! Not that i’ll have time.

Placement weekly blog: The first one bites the Dust.

My first full placement is complete, with Tommy only needing 3 weeks to fully collect data. Say what you will about 3D, he is magic with participants and organisation. Faster than the PHD’s, who have been doing it for years!


Nothing new again, looking for participants for Henry, as he is running behind on his expected output. If I thought anyone read these, I would ask them.

Placement weekly blog: Children and labs don’t mix

Well, trying to make children follow lab protocol was interesting. On the Bright (Heh) side, it’ll look good on my hours. For Tommy’s work, we bring in children aged 9-16 and measure their counter-movement jump using Jump plates and 3D measurement software. Complex stuff to explain to a 9 year old, let me tell you that! Still, learning to use 3D would be great for Bio-mechanics, if I hadn’t already done that module. Ugh, wish this was at the start of my placement.


Either way, the second semester rolls on, and this time it is to the tune of Children screaming and messing around in a lab. Yay.

Placement weekly blog: Not so mini Golf

We have a Golf sim? I didn’t know. Honestly. I’m about to begin working with Tommy, an MRes student, who is doing bio-mechanics. That’s all I know, and it is exciting.


But for now, Same old, same old. Nothing new, just new participants.



Placement weekly blog: The weeks forgotten

Since the holidays, it has been pointless to record by week, as nothing new happens for large amounts of time! however, Monday was my Physiology assessment, and my experience with buffers was great thanks to Henry, which helped during the essay. Great!


Still waiting for new subjects in the lab, but just the regular grind for the foreseeable future.