Placement Week 6: The week before Christmas!

The bells are ringing, but I remain in a heat chamber. Today (14/12/18) was cold, but I found my skin melting in a 35 degree room. Fun. I promise!


Nothing new this week, but I planned to aid Henry in developing some of his literature using Mendeley, so I’m getting to work in other ways.


Now for Christmas Carols!

Placement Week 3: A light in the dark

I have begun working away for Alison, the first of the PHD students I am assisting, and its great!


Not only am I learning lab techniques, but also knowledge! The heat chamber has become my permanent abode, and not because of the heat (which is a downside!). I start with Henry in two weeks, but for now I am looking after participants, taking their weight, measuring Glutamine and monitoring participants. Lets get cracking.

Placement Week 2: The Long Grind

To work!


No really, I have begun toiling away in the lab under Chris and Ben, and already found opportunities. I have been asked to be used as an aid for two PHD projects, and will gain invaluable experience with the heat chamber and other stuff!


But for now, just being a lab hand is my fate. Its still pretty fun!


In the beginning, there was Darkness (Placement entry #1)

All good stories start at the beginning, with the hero unready and unknowing of their journey. This is no different, hunting for a placement that played to my specific skillset. Luckily, part of that skillset is prudence and diligence, so I was the first to begin a long and arduous process of paperwork. But in the distance, the light shone brightly.


I passed the paperwork of my university to the lab, and then back, and then to the lab again, and finally, completed it myself. fortunately, I survived the fearsome paperwork, and began in earnest!

I have been added to the lab’s Sport performance team, and will be assisting in developing the image of the lab, through it’s website, among other lab duties. Much like I am here. Fitting, isn’t it?


The learning begins now!

Placement: P.H.D. Panic

Welcome to a diary of my adventure as a lab assistant in Plymouth, assisting with P.H.Ds, Mres and general lab stuff!


Under this category, you will find a collection of information about random lab protocols, and spend your time trawling through my time in a very hot (or cold!) room! See the source image