About Ivo Staub

Being born and raised in the beautiful city of Berne in Switzerland, I decided to make a step out of my own comfort zone and migrate towards new lands. I wanted to see something else, widen my personal horizon and challenge myself. Since I was and still am an elite swimmer, I had to take many things into consideration before I left my homeland. Long story short, I ended up in Britain’s ocean city Plymouth, to further pursue my athletic dreams as a member of Plymouth Leander‘s swimming squad and my academic aspirations at the University of St. Mark & St. John.

Before I moved to England, I trained with my local swim team in Berne and studied for my Matura (Swiss GCSE equivalent) at the Gymnasium Hofwil. After my college graduation in 2015, I took an academical year off to focus on my swimming career and to set new goals for myself. During this period I worked part-time as an assistant at a notary’s office and as a swim teacher at my former primary school in Kehrsatz.

So here I am. Currently working on a BSc(Hons) degree in Strength & Conditioning  as an elite sports scholar at the University of St. Mark & St. John, whilst competing at National and International swimming events all over the world. My athletic career taught me great determination. I consider myself goal-oriented and motivated to work efficiently and autonomously, whilst keeping the ability to ask and investigate if something surpasses my current knowledge. The time management required to succeed both in my elite swimming career and my university degree is the same needed for my career as a competent strength and conditionning coach.

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