Here’s how to place a hold on books

1. Open the catalogue webpage

2. Log in using your Student Number (found underneath the Barcode on your Library Card).

Your password is 1111 until you change it.

3. Search for the item by its Title, Author or Keywords.
Once you have found your item, select it by clicking the Title in blue.

4. Reservations for items can only be placed once all other copies have been taken out by other users. If there is a due date next to the item, it means that it hasn’t been returned to the library yet.
To place a reservation, click ‘Place Hold’.


5. On the next screen, choose Main Library and ‘Place Hold’.

6. Check your Marjon email – we will let you know when your item is ready to collect.
You can pick up your item from the purple reservation shelf, Ground Floor of the Library.

7. The books are in alphabetical order.
Look for the first 3 letters of your surname and last 3 digits of your student number.

Can’t find your reservation? Ask at the main Library counter.


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