1. If Library items are kept beyond their due date,
they will accrue overdue fines on a daily basis,
until either returned to the Library or renewed.
The due date will show on the Self-Service Kiosk screen
and on the paper receipt provided after issuing items to your account:

2. You can also use your online Library account to check when your items are due for return:

To do this, log into your Library Account

3. Log in using your Student Number (found underneath the Barcode on your Library Card).

Your password is 1111 until you change it.

4. Choose the ‘Checkout tab’ to see the due dates of the items on your account.
Any overdue items will be marked but may not yet show up as a fine.

5. Now choose the ‘Fines’ tab
and the ‘Accruing Fines’ drop down menu.
Accruing fines are the estimated fine
for your outstanding overdue books.
Once the items have been renewed or returned
it will be an actual fine and display in
the ‘Current Fines/Blocks’:

6. Once the items are returned or renewed, the fines will be shown on your account:

7. If for any reason you cannot return the items within their due date, please contact the Library.
We will be more likely to resolve concerns before fines are applied.


For  more information about Library fines, please visit our website.