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1. If Library items are kept beyond their due date,
they will accrue overdue fines on a daily basis,
until either returned to the Library or renewed.
The due date will show on the Self-Service Kiosk screen
and on the paper receipt provided after issuing items to your account:

2. You can also use your online Library account to check when your items are due for return:

To do this, log into your Library Account

3. Log in using your Student Number (found underneath the Barcode on your Library Card).

Your password is 1111 until you change it.

4. Choose the ‘Checkout tab’ to see the due dates of the items on your account.
Any overdue items will be marked but may not yet show up as a fine.

5. Now choose the ‘Fines’ tab
and the ‘Accruing Fines’ drop down menu.
Accruing fines are the estimated fine
for your outstanding overdue books.
Once the items have been renewed or returned
it will be an actual fine and display in
the ‘Current Fines/Blocks’:

6. Once the items are returned or renewed, the fines will be shown on your account:

7. If for any reason you cannot return the items within their due date, please contact the Library.
We will be more likely to resolve concerns before fines are applied.


For  more information about Library fines, please visit our website.

How can I find books?

Plymouth Marjon Library has over 126,000 books …how do you know where to find the ones you need for your course?

First of all, visit our catalogue webpage or find a Catalogue Computer on every floor of Marjon Library.

You can use the Catalogue just like a search engine. Type a few keywords into the search box to get started. For a more targeted search, change the fields menu to search for just the title, or just the author.

Now for a bit of context. Let’s say we wanted to search for books on Teaching Music. Type this into the search box and presto! This has given lots of results. To find out more about the books and where to locate them, click the blue title link of the book:


The pop out screen will tell you everything you need to find the book on the shelves:

The next thing to do is take a note of the Shelf Number as this will tell you where the book is stored. At Marjon Library, we use the Dewey Decimal System, which groups books of a similar subject into the same or similar Shelf Number. This means that you’ll often find other useful books in same section.

Once you have the book’s Shelf Number, you can start to look on the bookshelves on the 1st and 2nd Floors of Marjon Library. All of our books have a label on their spines; it’s just a matter of matching this with your Shelf-Number.

We always read the Shelf Number from left to right. So, if we were to find say, 372.87/JON, we would first look along the shelves for the books numbered 372. Within the 372 section, we would follow the shelves along until we find the books labelled 372.87. Finally, we narrow our search in the 372.87 section alphabetically, by locating the books 372.87/JON.

The books are stored on the shelves like sentences on a page – once you get to the end of the shelf-unit, continue looking on the shelf beneath it. If you reach the last book on the lowest shelf, continue to highest neighbouring shelf to the right:

Our books are stored across two floors. Use the table below to help you find your books:


Collection Location in Library Label
Main Library Books with shelf number 000-372 are on the 1st Floor.
Books with the Shelf Number 373-999 are on the 2nd Floor.
White label only
Teaching Practice 1st Floor, in the Teaching Practice area Red dot
Teaching Practice Oversize 1st Floor, in the Teaching Practice area Red dot and gold star
Oversize Found in the Oversize section, 2nd Floor of the Library Gold star

If you can’t find a book on the shelves, please ask at the Library Counter. A member of staff will be happy to help you.

Here’s how to place a hold on books

1. Open the catalogue webpage

2. Log in using your Student Number (found underneath the Barcode on your Library Card).

Your password is 1111 until you change it.

3. Search for the item by its Title, Author or Keywords.
Once you have found your item, select it by clicking the Title in blue.

4. Reservations for items can only be placed once all other copies have been taken out by other users. If there is a due date next to the item, it means that it hasn’t been returned to the library yet.
To place a reservation, click ‘Place Hold’.


5. On the next screen, choose Main Library and ‘Place Hold’.

6. Check your Marjon email – we will let you know when your item is ready to collect.
You can pick up your item from the purple reservation shelf, Ground Floor of the Library.

7. The books are in alphabetical order.
Look for the first 3 letters of your surname and last 3 digits of your student number.

Can’t find your reservation? Ask at the main Library counter.


Here’s how to renew your books online

1. Open the Library catalogue.

2. Log in using your Student Number (found underneath the Barcode on your Library Card).

Your password is 1111 until you change it.

3. Click ‘My Account’ and then ‘Checkouts’ on the next page.

4. Click ‘Select All’ and then ‘Renew’. Click ‘Yes’ on the pop-up box that appears.

5. Make sure that the dates on your books have changed and make a note of the new dates in your phone/diary.

6. Dates not changed? Overdue books you can’t renew? Blocked Account? Any other problems?


Email us!

Or call us on 01752 761145.