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What has it been like to be an intern during a global pandemic?
Making the teas and coffees, picking up everyone’s lunch and doing meaningless errands for your superiors. These are all impressions that the movies give you about b (More)
Bridging the divide between academic and vocational qualifications
Dave Nicholls is a secondary school teacher and deputy head of year at Newquay Tretherras School in Cornwall. He teaches business studies and a number of vocational su (More)
The only impossible journey is the one you never begin
At the Marjon Staff and Student Awards 2020, final year More)
Reflections on the Marjon Change Maker project
Way back in the autumn last year I saw an opportunity to apply to be a Marjon Change Maker. Reflecting on the last seven months or so, it has to be one of the be (More)
Berlin Trip Reflection
The Going Places Bursary allowed me to participate in a week-long study excursion in Germany whilst on my ERASUM exchange in Belgium. Just four days after a (More)
Journalism in the time of coronavirus
It’s tough for me to say this. We don’t have the news at this present time, we just have coronavirus and that has been hard to take for a lot of journalists. Just th (More)
What is it like to be a mature student at Marjon?
Hi, I’m Gerri, a mature student in my fifties. I’ve found it a huge change to come back to education but I’m really enjoying it. I’m learning new skills and the ones (More)
Top tips to master a video interview
As well as focusing on your studies you probably haven’t failed to notice the news and social media reports forecasting the impact that Covid-19 may have on jobs an (More)
The biggest secret of all time
This time last year I’d handed in my dissertation, as my course timeline was very different to everyone else’s, so some of my friends hadn’t ev (More)
Surviving your first school placement - the dos and the don’ts
Starting your first placement can be really daunting. It’s a new workplace with new people and of course you want to make a good impression! From my own experience (More)
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